Colton Dixon: I Used 'Idol' to Reflect God's Glory

By Charlene Israel | CBN News Reporter

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“American Idol” finalist Colton Dixon is proving you don’t have to win to be successful. He has a chart-topping album and is currently touring with the Grammy-winning Christian band Third Day.

He recently paid a visit to our CBN News studio where he talked about his fans, his music, and his message.

Dixon, who made it to the Top 10 of “American Idol” in 2012, shared what it was like to be eliminated and offered encouragement to contestants who are voted off.

“Being eliminated was awful,” he said with a laugh. “You don’t realize what’s going on until you’re backstage and then you’re kind of like, ‘Wait a second, I just got voted off.'”

“I definitely encourage those who are still on,” he continued. “I mean I was seventh and I have an album out. You’ve got Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry – none of these people won, but they’re doing so well. So I just want those who are still on to get ready to start working – as soon as they’re eliminated or when they start working.”

Dixon said people who question why a Christian would be on a show called “American Idol,” may be taking it a little too seriously. He said his goal is to give God the glory no matter what.

“I think they’re over thinking it. It is a show called ‘American Idol, but why not make God the idol in that? Why not reflect the focus back on Him? That’s all I was trying to do when I was on the show. So why would you not go inside those kinds of places?” he said.

Dixon’s fans, who he calls “messengers,” are all about sharing his vision of faith.

“It’s amazing – I can’t even begin to describe how awesome that is,” Dixon told CBN News. “I remember when it started they wanted to name my fans, which I thought was pretty cheesy.”

“But I was like, ‘I believe we’re all messengers, called by God to go make disciples of many nations and I’m thinking, ‘That’s perfect!’ he said. “So just seeing my fans pray for one another, reach out. There are so many of my fans that are going through a rough time and it’s amazing to see my fans come together as a family and really support one another.”

His debut album “A Messenger” has been well received since its release earlier this year and the song “Never Gone” has been especially popular.

Students at a Catholic school in San Antonio, Texas, liked it so much they are performing it in their annual guitar program.

Angela Miller, a current ‘Idol’ contestant, recently performed the tune on the show.

“Angela Miller, who’s on ‘Idol’ right now, killed ‘Never Gone.’ It was so good, man it was awesome. (I) might have gotten a little teary-eyed,” Dixon said.

“That just got me thinking, ‘I remember seeing her YouTube cover of it way back when and I was like, ‘Let me check out YouTube and see what else is out there.’ And there’s some really good stuff out there, so I’m like, ‘Why not do something fun with it, put a contest out there,'” Dixon continued.

“They don’t necessarily have to sing,” he said. “If you want to do drums or whatever – I don’t know — be creative send those in to YouTube and we’ll have the fans select a winner. I’ll choose the top three – and we’re just having fun with it and seeing what’s out there.”

Dixon said it’s just his way of giving back because he has been given so much.